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The luxury 7 star Dolabuy Website warranty
We guarantee the products we sell for the three month from the date of purchase.
If a product is defective within this time frame we will replace it or credit you if a replacement cannot be found quickly.
Please note that the warranty on products does not cover excessive use, regular wear and tear or accidental damage.
It is important that products returned for warranty reasons are perfectly clean and washed, according to the manufacturer's standards reserves the right to return any product, at the customer's expense (there and back), if this condition is not met.
Contact one of our customer service agents to explain the problem with the product. the return address will be sent to you via email. Head to your nearest post office, and return the package to the address we provide.
Your item will be examined within 5 days of its reception. A replacement (identical model, color and size) will then be sent to you, or a credit will be issued to your account. We will email you the information after a decision has been made.